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We are a social e-commerce platform focusing on group buys. We help you to buy in bulk to get discounts and good deals! By purchasing in bulk, we go direct to the source and negotiate for better prices. We only order what you order, with low wastage. Cost savings are then passed on to you!

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We sell a wide variety of products: fresh produce, frozen products, ready-to-eat meals and even vouchers!


We are a group of people who love to share good deals with friends and neighbors.


One-stop to find your daily consumptions, fruit, meat, vegetables, etc., from WEBUY.


We, you and me, buy in bulk to get discounts and good deals!By purchasing in bulk, we go direct to the source and negotiate for better prices.

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Here at Webuy, we are commited to bringing Quality & Fresh products to our consumers. As we have always wanted our consumers to eat healthier and be happier. Therefore, we are constantly looking out for reliable suppliers to collaborate with, by bringing their products on board to our platform for our consumers. We are able to help you build brand loyalty within the buyers. Please contact us to discuss further.


Community Leader:

Take the lead to build your estate’s group chat. Get to know your neighbours and bring everyone together as a community by promoting the “Kampung spirit”. You will become the key opinion leader of the group chat where you will influence your neighbours by sharing the joy and good deals to help everyone save money together. As the saying goes, sharing is fun! As our team is currently expanding and growing rapidly, we are constantly in the search for individuals to join us and we warmly welcome you to join this big family of ours. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or for any job openings.

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